About Us


Amazing Hotel in The Heart of Johannesburg...

One of the most important management techniques for guesthouses and hotels is putting systems in place that guarantee consistent and high quality on a daily basis. These systems do not only involve technological smoothness but operations that define roles, responsibilities, and procedures which help our staff understand clearly what is expected from them, learn to perform tasks with less constant supervision and develop/improve not only their workplace but also have self-confidence in handling our guests. This protocol serves to give the management system detailed information about what our guests expect or complain about as the staff has more direct contact with guests therefore during the time that they perform tasks they do not only relate to that but may hear or see guests showing frustration, disappointments or anger and to us that is very valuable information even if it sounds personal, this reduces the risk of fights escalating to homicides or suicides through talking and coming to an understanding. Not only do we get information from our staff but also we have suggestion boxes and take our guests complaints as a gift as this helps us improve on that certain area, rather a place where we have walkouts because they were not attended to. We intend to give our guests a pleasant short term hospitality that makes them come back and even tell other people too thus making us grow bigger than we are.


We envision to professionally facilitate a maintainable guest service so as to continue exceeding their expectations, feel well accommodated and safe all the time.


Cater for both local and international guests (traders from all over including all SADC countries as we are situated near factories and wholesalers. | Remain ambitious and maintain a great standard through taking risks and being open to communication and always be ready to embark on a journey of rejuvenating our guests whenever they feel like they far from home, as we are always ready to welcome them thus creating a loyal partnership.


Monitor all physical conditions of our hotel to ensure proper safety and seek ways to maximize value including repositioning, renovating and recapitalization.